French Tax Authorities To Scan Social media

By Global Tax Weekly

Long gone are the days of invisible ink, candlesticks in libraries, and paper trails. Now the trail that many an investigator must follow, including those detecting for tax evasion, is digital. Indeed, unless you are completely off-grid, it’s probably nigh-on impossible not to leave digital finger and footprints all over the place without even realizing it.

Social media is becoming something of a treasure trove for those looking for people with hidden secrets. Or not so secret secrets, as the case may be. And again, this is a platform that is becoming very useful to the tax man. This was highlighted by French Budget Minister Gerard Darmanin’s announcement last week that the tax authorities will soon begin trawling through peoples’ social media accounts looking for signs that one’s lifestyle doesn’t quite match the humble income declared on one’s tax return. Well, if you do choose to splash pictures of yourself beaming next to your new Ferrari all over the internet after having just told the tax authority that you’re earning minimum wage, more fool you. Not that I’m condoning tax evasion of course.

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