European Council Announce VAT Exemption

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The European Council announced that it had adopted an amendment to the VAT Directive to introduce a temporary VAT exemption on importations and on certain supplies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The “buy and donate” directive, which applies retroactively from January 1, 2021, will make it easier for the Commission and EU agencies to buy goods and services to distribute them free of charge to member states in the context of the ongoing public health crisis.

Through this update, purchases of goods and services by an EU body on behalf of member states to respond to the emergency posed by the COVID-19 pandemic are temporarily added to the list of exempted transactions in the VAT Directive. The new exemption will allow for more donations to member states and their institutions, as it will relieve the EU bodies of the budgetary and … Read More »

Puerto Rico Considering Income Tax Reduction

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Puerto Rico’s Governor, Pedro Pierluisi, explained that the authorities are studying a potential reduction to the corporate income tax rate.

Writing on Twitter, Pierluisi said that the Government had tasked a panel to study tax reform options to lower the burden for all businesses across all sectors of the economy and introduce a simpler system.

In comments published by the El Vocero newspaper, he further suggested that Puerto Rico would target a corporate tax rate below the 28 percent federal rate US President Joe Biden plans to introduce, down from the current rate for businesses in Puerto Rico of 37.5 percent.

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India Releases International Tax Announcements

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In India, in the context of the country’s recent reversal on its retroactive tax stance, which has impacted on various international tax disputes in which the authorities are embroiled, the Government has released a statement to the effect that it does not intend to pay interest on any tax amounts refunded.

India also recently announced a one-month extension to country-by-country reporting regime deadlines. The CbC report notification, required two months prior to the furnishing of the CbC report, in Form No. 3CEAC, may be filed on or before December 31, 2021, rather than on or before November 30, 2021, the Government stated.

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Finland Ends Concessionary Payment Scheme

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The doors have closed on Finland’s concessionary payment scheme for tax debtors. Finland has now stopped accepting applications from tax debtors for concessionary payment arrangements, with the deadline to apply for the relief set at August 31.

The Government previously legislated to offer a concessionary rate of interest to tax debtors and new tax payment deferral options, in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The legislation provided that where a taxpayer entered into a payment arrangement with the tax authority, interest on outstanding tax liabilities would be reduced to 2.5 percent from seven percent.

Further, taxpayers were granted more time to pay tax debts already covered by a payment arrangement and the option to enter into a new tax payment deferral arrangement of up to two years, covering new tax liabilities.

Finland began accepting applications in late April, and as at the closing … Read More »


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